[4.3] China’s Dynasties: Mini-Project

Do Now: Complete Parts I and II in your ISN

Part I: Quickly jot the vocabulary term, “Mandate of Heaven”, into your ISN. Then define it in your own words based on the reading passage below.

“From ancient times, Chinese rulers based their right to govern on the Mandate of Heaven. According to this idea, Heaven had chosen a particular dynasty to rule. The Chinese believed that Heaven supported the dynasty for as long as an emperor ruled well. Natural disasters such as floods, famines, plagues, and earthquakes were taken as signs that Heaven was displeased. If an emperor ruled badly and lost the Mandate of Heaven, the people could overthrow him.”

Part II: Read the passage below, and answer Q’s 1-2 with your table partner

The Tang emperors set up a political system in which the emperor was supreme and government officials were selected on the basis of merit and education. The early T’ang rulers taxed the people equally in order to insure the flow of taxes to the government. A census (head count) was taken every three years to enforce the system, which also involved drafting people to do labor. These measures led to an agricultural surplus.

  1. Based on the reading, what was the effect of equal taxation of the people?
  2. Based on the reading, what most directly caused the Tang government to be able to produce an agricultural surplus?

Hook: Crash Course: Early Chinese Dynasties

Mini-Project Instructions:

You should have already read about the dynasty that your group is in charge of and answer the questions below. Read based on your Level from IA#2. (Green= L3, Yellow=L2, Red=L1) Refer back to these readings for information to create your project with.

Work with your table groups to create a mini project about one of China’s dynasties, in one class period. You will create a Powerpoint presentation, a poster, or an acted out skit/play as the medium for your mini-project. You will present your project to the class on Friday, in 2-3 minutes per group. Use the rubric below to understand what is required.

China’s Dynasties Mini-Project Rubric:

  • /1    Number of years the dynasty was in power
  • /1    List the rulers or emperors of the dynasty
  • /3    Three pictures (drawn or printed -but not by Mr. Brown)
  • /2    Type of government the dynasty used, and an explanation of that government
  • /3    Three correct facts about your dynasty
  • /5    All group members participate in the making of the presentation
  • /5    All group members speak during the presentation
  • /5    The big question is answered: How did your dynasty impact China and create a legacy?  (Legacy =  something that is handed down from one time period to  another)
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